Joyce Roberts and the start of my own journey — 2 Comments

  1. This is very interesting. Will you be writing more? I was with Miss Roberts from 1963 to 1967
    So nice to see the photos.

  2. Dear Margaret, thanks for your comment. You had lessons for a long time. I think you said previously that you’re living in Europe now? Have you had follow-up lessons? I’m happy to post or send you more photos, and also wanted to ask you if you’ve seen the book about Irene Tasker, written by Regina Stratil? The full title is Irene Tasker, Her Life and Work with the Alexander Technique, and it’s published by Mouritz. Joyce’s years spent working with Irene Tasker, when Tasker was living in South Africa, are highlighted, and it is a fascinating account of an important early teacher of the Technique.

    Do you have any questions about Joyce which I could try to answer?
    Best wishes

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