Ingrid Weideman teaches the Alexander Technique in Newlands, Cape Town.

More than a simple therapy, the Alexander Technique is a profound self-help tool which helps us to re-learn the natural poise we had as children. While your posture is bound to improve, this work is not about the traditional, rather rigid idea of posture we might have grown up with. Rather, you relearn ease and grace and to be upright in a comfortable way. Lessons frequently produce a feeling of self-acceptance and calm.

Lessons are one-to-one, and a minimum of 10 lessons is recommended. My charge for a standard lesson ranges from R450 to R500.


Alexander Technique involves the whole human being and focuses in a practical way on the interactions of posture, movement, emotion, self-concept, and cultural values. It is both educational and therapeutic, and works with the mind to reorganize and realign the whole body.” (Adapted from The Chair, Rethinking Culture, Body and Design, by Galen Cranz).