I came across Alexander Technique as a cello student. It intrigued me: the way it saved me effort and improved my sound. Over the last 20 years I continued with AT lessons on a fortnightly basis and was introduced to Ingrid in 2018. Since then my fortnightly lessons have continued.

Within the containing format of the lesson – stopping, to arrive fully in the space, chair-work and table-work – Ingrid frees up my limbs, joints and muscles to the extent that I can feel each limb as part of a greater and much stronger whole. The full experience and sensation of AT is difficult to describe. It is no longer an approach to moving but has become an approach to life. After years of lessons and practice, I still have ‘aha’ moments.  My lower back is happiest on Ingrid’s table. 

~ Sibylle Pfeiffer, Business Developer & Account Manager, Cape Town.

Excellent teacher, helped me through a rough spot where I could hardly get through a day’s work due to chronic neck and back issues. Alexander Technique is great because it works even when you are in too much pain to do remedial exercises as suggested by e.g. a physiotherapist, and it does seem to pay off in the longer term.
~ Neilen Marais, Software Engineer, Cape Town. 

I can highly recommend Ingrid. I’ve struggled with longstanding back issues and constant visits to a chiropractor for over 12 years, and after seeing Ingrid weekly for three months I’ve reduced my chiropractic visits to zero! Alexander Technique has given me tremendous pain relief and stress control methods and I’m very impressed with this modality and Ingrid’s healing hands.
I do believe my posture is better too, and am sure this is the way forward for a healthy body and mind. 
Many thanks Ingrid!
~ Nicole Rossouw, Shiatsu practitioner, Cape Town. 

My Alexander Technique sessions with Ingrid have taught me really important lessons about how to develop a relaxed and balanced posture. In all my experience of trying to keep fit and flexible I have never before accessed such clearly understandable and valuable techniques. I use them all the time and feel so much better!

~ Anne Mayne, Community Activist, Cape Town. 

Ingrid trained with John and Carolyn Nicholls in Brighton England, qualifying in 1995. I was a full-time trainer on the course at the time and it was a pleasure to see Ingrid progress as the training proceeded. She was a dedicated student and was always sensitive to her fellow students. Ingrid is an excellent Alexander Teacher with many years of experience and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone interested in learning the Alexander Technique. I worked with her at an International Alexander Technique Congress in Switzerland and she has gone from strength to 
~ Dr Michael Gleeson. BSc (Physiotherapy), Masters Special Education (Sensory Disability), PhD (Public Health), Teacher of the Alexander Technique. Sydney, Australia. 

I’ve been going to Ingrid for Alexander Technique lessons since June 2005. These have dramatically improved my posture, helped me to be aware of how carry myself, and how I respond to everyday stimuli.  Lessons have also taught me that I can choose to “let go” of unnecessary tension and bad habits, and go about my daily life in a more relaxed manner. Ingrid is extremely passionate about the Technique.
~ Hannelie Coetzee, Materials Developer, Cape Town.